Our Mission.

With a passionate team of physical therapists, we share one
common goal – for our clients to enjoy their lives pain free.

Client Care

Our physical therapists are carefully chosen based on their level of expertise in order to provide our loyal clients with top tier service that yields results.

Customer Service

We are constantly searching for ways to improve our client experience and provide the gold standard of customer service.


Our clinic places a strong emphasis on educating clients on our unique therapies, as we believe they should be empowered with the knowledge of what services we are performing on their bodies.

Our Story.

At FlexCare, we set ourselves apart from the pack by prioritizing patient wellbeing through multidisciplinary care.

A diverse team of physical therapists, FlexCare was founded on our practitioners shared desire to stop at nothing on our quest to help clients manage their pain and promote healthy alignment for all. Whether you are an elite athlete, an active lifestyle enthusiast or a weekend warrior, our practitioners have a wide variety of experience that will enable you to keep up your momentum and heal during your treatment protocol.

Our Services.


Allow your mind to enter a state of relaxation while one of our registered massage therapists works with your soft tissue and joints to relieve your muscle tension.


The biomechanical disorders impacting your muscular, skeletal, and nervous systems receive the treatment they require through a variety of chiropractic techniques.


Client-focused, physiotherapists are
committed to providing treatments to assist your muscles, nervous system, and joints in functioning optimally.


Alignment is essential to the overall health of the skeletal system, and orthotics can provide the stability necessary to fix structural issues in your feet.

Experience Flexcare.